Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Entrance to Kaymack Queen Camping Area

UPDATE:  Edna Campground east of Idaho city near NUPA's Kaymack Queen and King is OPEN on a first-come, basis TEMPORARILY.  They are not opening it on their reservation system because there will be logging in and around it later in the summer and they will be closing it again.  The Forest Service does not want people making reservations that have to be cancelled at a later date.

Speaking of the Kaymack Queen and King Claims, our August outing will be held on August 11-13.  Plan on arriving early if you have a trailer as the road to and from the claims is very busy.  The claims are burned out but there is green growing along the river and all we need is dirt and rocks anyway, right?  Bring some shade (an umbrella or canopy or something) because it's going to be mighty hot now that there are few trees!  There will be a potluck on Saturday August 12th.  Please come and bring a food item to share!

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